Effective elimination of algae in
your pool for up to 1 year

Aquazia Urban

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Aquazia is used for the effective elimination of algae in your pool for up to 1 year.

Aquazia has a treated alloy cylinder filled with a suitable blend of minerals, which immediately get to work when added to your pool water by dissolving and moving throughout the body of water. These Aquazia minerals eliminate algae and assist with better activation of lower than normal levels of chlorine in your pool. When the Aquazia minerals pass through the cylinder during the filtration process, they are reactivated time and time again on every return. It is recommended to use the Aquazia Extender at 6 months, to rejuvenate the minerals lost during splash out, filter cleaning and backwashing. Higher bather load and tougher conditions may result is a slightly shorter lifespan.

Aquazia Urban and Resort will continue to work in your pool for up to 365 Days. By this time the granular minerals are lost through splash out, backwashing, filter cleaning, etc. You may notice with a higher bather load or tougher conditions the lifespan may reduce. When the Aquazia product begins to reach the end of its lifespan you will begin to notice that the cylinder may become calcified and oxidised.

It is recommended to add an Aquazia Extender to your pool at 6 months of the Urban/Resort’s lifespan. The Extender adds minerals back to your pool, to extend the lifespan of your Aquazia Urban/Resort to the full 365 Days. You would use the Extender to cover the correct litres of water in your pool. Signs you are ready for the Aquazia Extender are:

  • Increased need for chlorine when water is balanced and has 0.5 to 1.0 ppm of chlorine
  • Algae growth
  • Water begins to look dull

Technical and Precautions:

When the need may arise to drain a treated pool, ensure you know the requirements and instructions for discharge from your local sewer or storm drain authorities.

When using Aquazia you do not need other algaecides or products such as clarifiers or phosphate removers. Ensure you follow the Cal-Hypo directions of use, if using Cal-Hypo products.

Aquazia is not compatible with bromine and/ or metformin.

Harmful if inhaled and may be fatal if swallowed.

Do not get onto eyes or clothing, may cause irreversible eye damage. Wash hands with soap and water after handling, before you eat, drink, use Tabaco or use a restroom.


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