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Aquazia is used for the effective elimination of algae in your pool for up to 1 year. Aquazia has a treated alloy cylinder filled with a suitable blend of minerals, which immediately get to work when added to your pool water by dissolving and moving throughout the body of water. These Aquazia minerals eliminate algae and assist with better activation of lower than normal levels of chlorine in your pool.

When the Aquazia minerals pass through the cylinder during the filtration process, they are reactivated time and time again on every return. It is recommended to use the Aquazia Extender at 6 months, to rejuvenate the minerals lost during splash out, filter cleaning and backwashing. Higher bather load and tougher conditions may result is a slightly shorter lifespan. Aquazia works concurrently with a steady and low level of chlorine.

Eliminates and Prevents All Algae

An Exclusive Mineral Blend which Eradicates Algae and Bacteria for 6 Months

Extended Protection: Lasts Up to 6 Months

Convenient Installation, The Minerals Are Housed in Pump Basket or Skimmer Cylinder

Cut Chemical Usage by 70% with Our Solution!

Aquazia Minerals extend the Lifespan of Chlorine and Sanitizers

Experience Rapid Transformation

Aquazia Minerals Transform your pool from Green to Clear in Just 24-72 Hours

Aquazia Minerals and Salt Systems: Perfect Harmony

Say Goodbye to Frequent Salt Cell Cleaning!

Our minerals contain a natural de-scaler, reducing scale buildup and the need for frequent cleaning.

Extend Your Salt Cell’s Lifespan!

Reduce salt chlorine generation and minimize cell cleaning for prolonged durability.

Experience a Healthier, Happier Salt Pool!

Enjoy algae-free, crystal-clear water with fewer chemicals and less effort. It’s that simple.


Aquazia Urban and Resort: Lasting Protection for Up to 365 Days! While our granular minerals may diminish due to various factors like splash out or backwashing, adding an Aquazia Extender at the 6-month mark replenishes minerals, ensuring continuous protection.

As the product nears the end of its lifespan, you may notice calcification and oxidation on the cylinder. Extend the lifespan of your Aquazia Urban/Resort for the full 365 days with Aquazia Extender.”

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Aquazia minerals dissolve rapidly upon contact with water, creating a stable residual that works continuously to eliminate existing algae and bacteria. For the transition from green to clear water, it is recommended to maintain a minimum chlorine level of 2.00 ppm.

Once the pool is clear, the effectiveness of Aquazia minerals may vary based on the severity of the algae problem. They may deplete faster than the usual six-month duration due to factors like algae kill, backwashing, or filter cleaning. In such cases, additional mineral boosters from Aquazia should be added as needed to sustain an algae-free pool

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